Thursday, October 15, 2015

Filing deadline reminder; acks issue resolved

Filing deadline

The Rhode Island Division of Taxation reminds taxpayers and practitioners that today is the deadline for filing Rhode Island personal income tax returns and certain other returns for tax year 2014 and for making the associated tax payments.

The Tax Division recently issued an Advisory which lists some of the returns for which the extended due date falls on October 15.

Acks issue resolved

The Division of Taxation also said today that it has resolved a computer issue that had delayed acknowledgements for a number of electronically filed returns.

“People typically e-file their federal and Rhode Island returns at the same time,” said Tax Administrator David M. Sullivan. After filing, they typically receive a short electronic message that serves as a confirmation that the return has been received. The confirmation is sometimes called an acknowledgement, or "ack."

“For the last week or so, preparers and taxpayers have received acks from the Internal Revenue Service but not from us. We don’t want preparers or taxpayers to think that this is somehow related to their computers, their software, or their providers. It is not. This issue stems from a computer-related issue on our end. We have been working in recent days to fix this and it is now resolved. As a result, the backlogged acks will soon be released, and we will also return to issuing real-time acks,” Sullivan said.

“For those taxpayers and tax preparers who may have encountered this issue in recent days and who are still waiting for their acks, we appreciate their patience. In the meantime, they should keep on file any documentation they have related to the original transmission of their returns should that documentation be needed in the future,” he said.