Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Direct debit update: Refunds deposited

Taxpayers who electronically file their Rhode Island personal income tax returns, and who have a balance due on April 15, have the option to pay that balance by arranging for a direct debit from their bank account. As a result of a computer issue that arose shortly after the April 15 filing deadline last month, the direct debit was mistakenly made twice for a small number of those taxpayers. Following is an update:

The Division of Taxation has completed the direct deposit of refunds for all affected taxpayers. “We completed the direct deposits last week,” said Rhode Island Tax Administrator David M. Sullivan. “Therefore, we are confident that all of the affected taxpayers have received their refunds by now, deposited directly into their accounts. Anyone who has not should receive theirs shortly,” he said.

The Division initiated the direct deposit transaction for some of the affected taxpayers on April 27. For the remaining 237 affected taxpayers, the agency initiated the direct deposit transaction on April 29.  “The Division determined that all of the approximately 250 affected taxpayers would receive their refunds by direct deposit, not by paper check,” Sullivan said. “Direct deposit is faster, and our aim was to get the taxpayers’ money back into their hands as quickly as possible,” he said. The entire matter was resolved less than two weeks after it occurred.