Monday, December 8, 2014

Task force launches tip line

A six-agency task force that includes the Rhode Island Division of Taxation announced today that it has set up an anonymous telephone tip line to receive allegations of worker misclassification.

The tax fraud tip line is staffed by the Division of Taxation. The tip line number is (401) 574-TIPS or (401) 574-8477. 

"By using the tip line, workers and others can let us know about employers who are misclassifying workers as independent contractors," said Rhode Island Tax Administrator David M. Sullivan. 

"Rest assured that we will follow up on all tips. Businesses that don't play by the rules end up increasing the tax burden on those businesses that do play by the rules. By enforcing our laws, we can help to level the playing field — and that helps everyone, including employers and employees," Sullivan said.

The task force was established to protect workers' rights as well as law-abiding businesses that properly classify their employees.  Click here to read today's announcement about the tip line and the task force.