Friday, March 29, 2013

Corporate e-file nearly doubles

The number of Rhode Island corporate tax returns filed electronically so far this year is nearly double what it was at about the same point last year.

Furthermore, about 71 percent of all corporate returns have been e-filed so far this year, compared with about 52 percent at approximately the same point last year. “We are gratified that more and more practitioners and taxpayers are taking advantage of the many benefits of e-filing,” Sullivan said.

He also attributed some of the increase in e-filing to a decision by the Division of Taxation to enforce the state’s corporate e-file mandate, effective January 1, 2013. The mandate generally applies only to returns filed on Form RI-1120C, Form RI-1120S, and Form RI-1065 by paid preparers.

Filing season 2012
Filing season 2013


E-filed returns
+    90.65 %
Paper returns
 -    16.67 %
Total returns:
+   39.32 %
% of returns e-filed:
52.2 %
71.4 %

Cumulative figures for tax year 2011 returns filed through March 24, 2012, and tax year 2012 returns filed through March 26, 2013.