Thursday, June 28, 2012

Corporate e-file: higher than all of last year

More corporate tax returns have been filed electronically so far this year than for all of last year, new Tax Division figures show.

For the year to date (through June 25), 10,037 corporate returns have been e-filed. That’s up from 6,250 for the corresponding period a year ago. It’s also greater than the 10,025 corporate returns that were e-filed during all of last year.

Filing season 2011

Filing season 2012

Total returns processed
+ 30.24 %
Returns e-filed
+ 60.59 %
E-file as a percentage of total
30 %
37 %
+ 23.33 %

For tax year 2010 returns (on Forms RI-1120C and RI-1120S) filed through June 25, 2011, and tax year 2011 returns filed through June 25, 2012. Many returns are filed after the usual mid-March deadline because they are on extension.

In addition, the number of partnership information returns e-filed so far this year on Form RI-1065 exceeds the number e-filed for all of last year – a total of 1,076 so far this year, compared with 939 for all of last year.